Website Creation

Whizzy Whizzy bang! That’s how fast the digital world moves, don’t turn the lights off. We’ll keep the lights on after hours and your digital footprint making impressions.


Story Telling

Everyone loves a great story, better yet everyone loves a story about themself. Don’t be humble, let us tell your story in video, print or online — you just might go viral!


Our Toolbox

The right tools in the hands of expert writers, videographers, designers, photographers and printers will cause your organization to stand out from the crowd.


Marketing Campaigns

Building a brand. Breaking through the clutter. Frequency of message. Best results come from a strategic and integrated approach to marketing.



Words (and numbers) speak volumes. Focus groups, customer satisfaction surveys, to consumer market research — let research results tell your story.


Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, oh my!! As mind-blowing as it is, we can create the right social media platform for your business.


Physician Practice Marketing

Understanding how patients choose their physician is just one aspect of what sets Tschetter & Associates apart from its competitors. Decades of health care experience under our belt means we hit the ground running with ‘hands-on’ knowledge of the nuances of health care. That means you don’t have to explain to us that the Affordable Care Act caused changes to your practice, impacted your financials and practice habits.

We also know you and your staff work hard and don’t have time to think about marketing your practice. Yet, all patients don’t come through your door because of a physician or friend referral. Unlike years ago, patient-consumers are savvy and educated. They know they have choices and will communicate how they wish to take part in the decision-making in the care provided. Baby Boomers call it respect, Generation Xer’s need persuasion, and Millennials must feel connected and involved.

At Tschetter & Associates, we think about health care marketing from a business and patient education view. For example, if you can point chronically ill patients (or their families) to your website for additional education or health reminders, they have reassurance from a 24/7 trusted source and you have reduced time re-educating, allowing more patients to be seen sooner and revenue to increase.

Physician Profiles and Patient Storytelling

Physician Profile Video
Patient Story Video

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