Tschetter White Papers

You have a great physician practice—your patients adore you.

But as a physician you are constantly challenged by distractions of patient care. New regulations, pay for performance quality measures, keeping up with new and innovative medical treatments for each and every one of your patients—all compete for your time.

When do you have time to actually build your practice?

Do you have the business expertise to market and brand your practice? You may have tried to do both simultaneously, but found it was most important to do what you do best—treating your patients!

From doctor to doctor, there is a prescription!

As a doctor of business with 35 years in the healthcare industry, I can help you. Tschetter & Associates is a seasoned marketing and public relations company. My team includes marketing professionals with decades of experience in healthcare, and we can help grow your practice with fresh and innovative tools. Together, we will bring new and valued patients through your door.

A partnership with Tschetter & Associates provides:

  • Full website development and services
  • One-stop-shop copywriting, design, marketing and planning services
  • Social media strategy and day-to-day activity
  • Patient satisfaction surveys
  • Consumer market research and strategy
  • Direct mail and printing

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